YouTube Preservation Issues

Hi, I was wondering if any one else has experienced any playback issues with preserving YouTube pages.
I’ve been preserving this channel for a few days and would spot check to verify playback and it seems to be hit or miss on whether it will play.
When I look through the collection archive, I’m seeing some hefty file sizes

but trying to playback the file, it will attempt to play an ad. If there is one ad, it will cycle through a timer and then play the video; if there is more than 1 ad, I get a playback error.
When I initially am recording the video, none of these ads are displaying so I’m guessing YouTube inserting this code that the plugin is picking up.

I also notice previously preserved videos just don’t play at all and I receive the same playback problem error as above.

If this is an unavoidable problem, I’ll likely have to rethink how to preserve these files.



I’m having exactly this issue. There is this “known issue” summary:

which I followed (ie deleting the youtube app) and thought I had solved the problem but it is now recurring :frowning: