having problems today?

I don’t know where to go to post about any issues with since they don’t have their own dedicated forum or helpline or anything.

Right now when I try to save anything, it just stalls on the red Capturing button blinking rapidly, with 0 bytes captured and a blank white page, and nothing saving. Hopefully this is temporary and will be fixed soon. Anyone else getting the same thing?

Hey! While members of our team have worked on Conifer in the past, we currently don’t work on their service. Unless any of the folks at Rhizome happen to be browsing our forum, it’s probably not the best place to go for support. :slight_smile:

I might point you towards their support email?

Also curious as to your reasons for choosing Conifer over, do you require an older browser? Always looking for improvements!

I’ve messaged the Support email multiple times but I never get a response. Conifer was down for the last 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), which was very frustrating because I’m busy with work on the week days and use my free time on the weekends to capture but was unable to do so. But thankfully this morning Conifer started working again.

Appreciate you taking an interest in my reasons for choosing Conifer over I made a video about it:

To sum up the video, these are the 3 major reasons.

  1. Can’t right click in ArchiveWeb.Page desktop or capture any links that by default open up in a new tab. Will there be support for Right-click in ReplayWeb.Page Desktop App?

  2. The Chrome Extension of ArchiveWeb.Page always stops on its own accord, making detailed, long captures impossible Chrome extension stops recording before I'm finished

  3. .warc files from Conifer load faster in ReplayWeb.Page than .warc/.wacz files from ArchiveWeb.Page.

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Thanks for the detailed video! The Chrome extension stopping automatically seems like a bug and not something I’ve encountered personally… If you’re familliar with GitHub I’d ask that you file a bug report? If not, I’ll probably get to that at some point.

Tabbed UI for the desktop app has been asked for but it looks like we’re not opening links where target="_blank" is set? Pretty sure this is also a bug!

Once files are loaded into they are cached so you’ll have to un-load anything before trying to reproduce the speed issue. I’ve never encountered a WACZ that took longer to load than expected… They should always be faster than WARCs due to the page index? If you can reproduce this behavior we’d be interested in it.

Our focus this year has primairly been on Browsertrix and the other software packages haven’t seen quite the volume of fixes and updates that I’m sure some folks would like. Just as a test, I had a go with archiving the site in Browsertrix and it worked quite well! I don’t think this would work well for your use case of archiving new runs as they come up until the Only Archive New URLs feature is added, but once that’s in perhaps interesting as it would allow you to fully automate this task! :slight_smile: